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Smart contract dev & audit

Our team has decades of experience in designing, optimizing, testing and auditing smart contracts.

Web & dApp development

We use cutting-edge frameworks and technologies to provide the best experience to your customers.

UX / UI design

We design the optimal user experience for your project, as well as make your brand stand out with clean and effective interfaces.

Blockchain strategy

We provide custom strategy development for your project, with roadmaps for implementation and the identification of potential use cases.

Smart contracts

Excellence from design to audit

Three packages suitable for any development stage, carried out by experienced solidity developers

1. Architecture design

Whether starting from scratch or refining an existing contract, we ensure logic is optimal. This step also prepares your contract for audit, allowing the focus to be solely on security.

Team: 1-3 devs, including a lead protocol engineer

2. Gas optimization

We push your contract's efficiency to the limit, minimizing operational costs and gas fees for your users.

Team: 1-2 optimizoors

3. Security audit

The audit process is aimed at identifying issues, and is carried out in collaboration with top security researchers. Includes a review of the implemented fixes and a detailed report.

Team: at least 2 auditors, including a lead security researcher

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Cost estimates

WorkStarting fromIncludes
Smart contract audit20 Identify vulnerabilities, review of fixes, audit report
Smart contract development20 Architecture design, development, optimization, testing, deployment
Blockchain strategy15 Identify use cases, design application / business logic
Website / app12 Frontend / backend, on-chain logic, design, content, SEO, deployment
Event indexing / subgraph10 Mappings and schema, deployment, frontend integration
UX / UI design8 Wireframes, mockups, branding, user experience

Cost estimates are indicative as they vary significantly between projects


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